Her work has been described as "raw, earthy and enchanting". Linda Pappa's aim is to create not just a brand but a movement. To keep creating artwork that questions the wild nature of existence and that intuitive consciousness. Extracting most of her inspiration from nature's divine energy, she is committed to cultivating her craft through the use of raw forms, earthy colours and sacred meanings.

She currently resides in Crete where she has a rural home and studio in the mountains. As an intuitive nomad, she also travels around the world on a regular basis and has pursued artistic projects in many countries including Japan, Australia & the deserts of California.


About Linda Pappa

Linda Pappa is a visual artist, muralist & designer from Greece & Luxembourg.

Fascinated with telling visual stories from a very young age, she followed an artistic career path fuelled by many creative endeavours. Together with her husband she has been running an award winning design & production studio since 2015, and in the recent years she has decided to devote herself into making more intuitive artwork that allows her to follow her personal voice.

After years of living in a compact apartment, moving from hostels to trailers and friend’s houses when I was travelling ...or just living in a complete mess while renovating this house - having my own space to create truly feels like a privilege. In the midst of transforming this room into a functioning art studio, I experimented with different creative processes. I had thought of getting a desk but then I found out how much loved to paint, create, compose and craft on the FLOOR. It felt so much more intuitive and almost primal - the exact kind of energy that I need in my work, no wonder it became my thing. This floor will evolve with time, and will bear markings of every project that started on it. No single paint stroke, drop of glue or scratch will be wiped away. I’m hoping that with time, it will become an artwork of its own. 🙏🏻
Honest truth: I have had some hesitation on sharing more photos of this space - as it’s literally always a mess. But I’ve ALWAYS loved seeing other artist’s creative spaces and I know I have to just open up about mine as well - because it’s fun & valuable. Maybe an instagram live or some stories would be a cool way to give you an intro. Raise your hands if you’d like to see more of the studio 👋🏻 and tell me : what are you curious about? What would you love to see & learn more of? 👀
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