I am available to create all kinds of commissioned artwork, from custom art and murals to designing material for brands & products.

Outside of my work as an artist I am also a graphic designer and co-own a creative studio through which I offer a wide variety of client specific services. I’m specialising in art direction, packaging, styling and content creation. I work with clients worldwide and love to offer a meaningful yet artistic approach to every project that I’m involved in.

How can I contact you regarding working together?

I am best contactable via email at When reaching out, please let me know as much as possible about your project or inquiry.

If the project you have in mind requires me to travel to you (mural, workshop, residency) please inquire at least 3 months ahead of your desired due date so that we can make plans in time. As a nomadic artist I’m always eager to travel wherever opportunities take me, but might not be available to travel to you last minute.

Do you take interns?

As I am a growing small business, I am considering the possibility of occasionally getting interns in the studio to help with:

Photography, Styling & Social Media Content / Branding Design / Product Development / Ceramics

I will be creating a specific page for this soon to share more details about these positions. If you feel that you could be a good fit and would like to apply in the meantime, please reach out only if you have an online portfolio or suitable reference where I can see your work.




ORIGINAL PAINTINGS + TAPESTRIES | Original Paintings are exclusive hand painted artworks (of which only one version exists). These paintings are made with acrylic & gouache paint, on canvas paper or museum quality rag paper. Tapestries are made on sturdy canvas fabric.

PRINTS | All prints are printed locally here in Greece, on thick acid-free paper.

CERAMICS | Ceramics are handmade right in my studio. They are created using hand building or slab building methods, with local cretan clay and fired in my studio kiln. They are then glazed and/or hand painted. Just like anything made of natural materials, ceramics with exposed raw clay will evolve their appearance with time and use. Glazed pieces may have some marks, grit and small stones which is also natural. To enjoy your ceramics for as long as possible, wash your pieces with hot soapy water before your first use and then allow them to air dry. I would just not recommend putting them in the dishwasher.


International shipping is available at a 8,5€ flat fee to which is added 0,5€ per item. Shipping costs include tracking for your parcel. Please visit “shipping & returns” page for more information.



Is your real name Linda Pappa?

It depends how you define real. It couldn’t feel more real to me. My name is Linda. Pappa is the maiden name of my mother. She is an artist, traveller, dreamer. Born in Greece, daughter of an army man + a tailor.

My name is a tribute to her and a connection to my greek roots. Linda Pappa is a name that serves as that extension of myself and my brand.


I grew up in Luxembourg, but nowadays I am based in Crete - a magical ancient island in the heart of the mediterranean. I am half greek and have been visiting Crete with my family for over 10 years. After a while the island started to really speak to me and called me to create there. I now live in a village in the cretan mountains, in a house which I have renovated with the love of my life. We transformed this place into a sanctuary for creativity and mindful slowness. In this house we have created a separate space which serves as my studio. Being in Greece allows me to be in touch with my roots, to learn about historical crafts and to source local natural materials for my work.

I am however, nomadic by nature - and travel is a huge part of my life. I love where I live, but experiencing new cultures is essential to my creative process. Over the past decade I’ve been running my creative business remotely and have managed to create art in different corners of the world. So after a few months in Greece, I usually pack my bags and go on long journeys to seek inspiration, to see and create in new continents.

Can I visit your studio?

Yes, you can visit my studio by appointment. Please email me at to make arrangements.