Like the sun, We ARE VESSELS FILLED WITH light. 

‘Vessels of Abundance’ is a collection that represents pure euphoria and is inspired by warm days here in the mediterranean. 

When I first moved to the island of Crete, I didn’t quite understand it. It took me a while to open up and to let the ancient voices of the island really speak to me. Little by little, I realized that they were transforming me from the very core of my being. I started to let go of the noise, from preconceptions and from any blocking anxiety to simplify my life. I went through a material, emotional and spiritual cleanse. By getting to the root of my existence I got to be in touch with nature and let her guide me. I started to worship the sun and to observe his movement, to admire his effect on the seasons, the colors and shades of the water, the earth, the plants around me and all that has made this earth abundant for the countless generations before me. I felt the moon accentuate all feelings I kept buried inside and she helped me manifested them into the universe. I cultivated a state of constant euphoria and abundance from within.

I live on an island where pottery has been made since thousands of years, and where archeologists have unearthed countless vessels that used to carry olives, honey and water. This summer marks my connection to it in every way possible. Like the sun, I started feeling like a vessel filled with life, to radiate and manifest my light.